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    Terms of Use


    The copyright on the content (information, documents, images, audio, etc.) of this website of Japan Space Imaging Corporation ("JSI"), except as specifically provided, belongs to us or any other copyright owners under the protection of Japanese copyright laws, treaties and laws.
    Regardless of business purpose or not, it is not allowed to copy, diverse or sell this content on this website, or modify, change, revise or adapt any part of the content, without prior written consent with JSI separately. It is necessary to refer the "Use of Posted Imagery" for the case of using the posted satellite image and imagery product on this website ("Posted Imagery").
    It is also necessary to comply with our copyright policy and terms of use separately with our permission.
    Unless otherwise specified, this website does not grant any rights of copyrights, patents, trademarks or any other intellectual property rights of JSI or third parties. For example, this website does not grant any license to intellectual property rights related to products, software, services, which are introduced or mentioned on this website.
    The rights on this website related to trademarks, emblems, logos, trade names of JSI or other companies are protected by Japanese trademark law, unfair competition prevention act, commercial law and others. It is not allowed to use them without permissions of each rights owner.

    Use of Posted Imagery

    Regardless of business purpose or not, it is not allowed to process, duplicate, diverse or sell Posted Imagery, without prior written consent separately. In no event will JSI be liable for any damage caused by using, including, but not limited to, browsing or interpreting, of Posted Imagery. For the details of use of Posted Imagery, please contact JSI.


    JSI does not warrant the validity or accuracy of content on this website, except as specifically provided, although we pay close attention to the information posted on this website. JSI may change, suspend or discontinue the content, URL of this website without prior notice. In no event will JSI be liable for, regardless of the reason, any damage arising from change of contents caused by the suspension or termination of operation of this website.

    Hyperlinking Policy

    1. It is not allowed to hyperlink to this website without agreement separately with JSI. In no event will JSI be liable for any damage suffered by you or your company caused by hyperlinks to this website without our permission.
    2. When JSI provide hyperlinks to other locations or websites on internet ("External Site"), it does not mean that we recommends the use of External Site thereon, nor does it mean there is a special relationship, such as a partnership, between the us and External Site, unless specifically stated otherwise.
    3. External Site where this website has hyperlinks are managed by third parties. It is necessary to follow the terms of use on External Site. JSI does not warrant the content of External Site, liable for any damage caused by use of them.

    Publishing Policy

    Please contact us in advance via "Inquiries " if you wish to publish this website, including Posted Imagery, in magazines, books, advertising, etc.

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    Protection of Personal Information

    The protection of personal information on the website are as per our Website Privacy Policy.

    Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

    Unless specified otherwise, the interpretation and application of use of the website and of the Terms of Use shall be governed by Japanese law.In addition, unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court in the first instance for all disputes concerning the use of this website.